Pivot clevis pins


Pivot clevis pins with threaded head for wrench. Cross hole for cotter pin. Having additional spiral lubricating channel.  Hardened at 60-65 HRc and ground at h7 tolerance. In a set with castellated nut and grease nipple The following shows available sizes:

Article numberøThe length of the working part Thread
FBF 16x801680M14x1,5
FBF 16x851685M14x1,5
FBF 20x702070M16x1,5
FBF 20x802080M16x1,5
FBF 20x13020130M16x1,5
FBF 24x902490M20x1,5
FBF 24x10024100M20x1,5
FBF 25x602560M20x1,5
FBF 25x702570M20x1,5
FBF 25x902590M20x1,5
FBF 25x10025100M20x1,5
FBF 25x12025120M20x1,5
FBF 25x12525125M20x1,5
FBF 25x13025130M20x1,5
FBF 25x14025140M20x1,5
FBF 25x15025150M20x1,5
FBF 25x16025160M20x1,5
FBF 28x13028130M22x1,5
FBF 30x603060M24x1,5
FBF 30x803080M24x1,5
FBF 30x853085M24x1,5
FBF 30x10030100M24x1,5
FBF 30x12030120M24x1,5
FBF 30x13030130M24x1,5
FBF 30x14030140M24x1,5
FBF 30x15030150M24x1,5
FBF 30x16030160M24x1,5
FBF 30x16830168M36x3
FBF 30x16930169M33x4
FBF 30x17030170M33x4
FBF 30x17030170M24x1,5
FBF 30x18030180M24x1,5
FBF 35x18035180M27X1,5
FBF 40x14040140M30x1,5
FBF 40x16040160M30x1,5
FBF 40x17040170M30x1,5
FBF 40x19840198M30x1,5
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