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Clevis pins

We divide our offered pins into few groups. They are all made of best material available on the market from leading industry suppliers (among others ThyssenKrupp AG). After performing all machining operations, pin surfaces are induction hardened, and then ground at h9 tolerance.

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Universal clevis pins
With self-lubrication or without,
having three cross-holes for cotter pin or a thread for self-locking nut
Simple clevis pins
self-lubricating or with cotter pin

Clevis pins with welded support
with or without self-lubrication
simple, threaded and castellated nut or cotter pin cross-hole
in different support shapes
Pivot clevis pins
self-lubricating, flanged, threaded,
in a set with castellated nut and grease nipple

Clevis pins with head or flat
with or without self-lubrication, threaded cross-hole for cotter pin
Universal hardened pin, 1 meter long
plain, hardened 1 meter long pin, ground at h7 tolerance
Cut to individual size

Clevis pins with contoured head
with or without self-lubrication
square, hexagon or octagon head
Clevis pins with ball-head
turned, hardened or raw,
welded or threaded head
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